Welcome to Azra Healing!

Are you looking for Divine Light Healing? A better understanding of the energy world and multi-dimensional realities from a logical perspective?

Do you occasionally feel energies or see fleeting flashes of tiny blue and white lights and would like to know what that means? Are orbs of light appearing in your smartphone pictures? Would you like to develop and hone your intuition? Do you just know you’re at the brink of finding all the answers you’ve recently been looking for? And you are convinced that science can explain the esoteric knowledge strewn out there and if only you were a physicist you’d understand it!

The world is changing and evolving, it seems, rather fast. And so are we.  In this accelerated time of evolution it would be interesting to know what part you personally play … the reason you came here. There’s more to your life than the 8 hours you put in every weekday at ‘work’ in the matrix.

Seemingly coincidental, synchronistic events have led you here at this time in your life for a reason. And you are perhaps excited or curious about the concepts of past-lives, regression healing, channeling, meditation and theta state, Avalon and Atlantis.  Maybe you’re even getting visions or ‘dreams’ that are glimpses of your past lives, since the veil between the dimensions is slowly thinning. You might be drawn to and visiting places in the world that inexplicably feel like home. You feel strongly that you are ready to change your life for the better… for the Highest good. To come into your truth, your purpose and your true self. To own who you are and your highest potential.

I can work with you on a significant part of your journey in the following ways. If one or more of them resonate with you, please contact me. 

  • Help you resolve and release stuck energy that manifests as emotional issues or physical pain with the use of Divine Light Healing
  • Provide an understanding of energies (vibration and frequencies) and how the world is changing
  • Develop and fine-tune your intuitive and communicative abilities
  • Coach and empower you on your path as a healer so you can successfully fulfill your Highest purpose
  • Provide you with an understanding of lost esoteric knowledge that is re-emerging in the world
  • Work with you to discover and define your true life-purpose and Higher calling, if it’s the right time, and help you align with it
  • A pure Divine Light Infusion for ascension energy transfer and activation at an etheric, fifth dimensional level

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For a full list of services, please refer to this page: Services.

To book a session or if you have any questions please contact me: Contact.

A bit about Divine Light Healing:

Your body and Higher Self try to speak to you every day. The body speaks to you through messages delivered to you that appear as subtle hints and if you don’t listen then as pain, discomfort and dis-ease, in order to steer you in the right direction of your life and so you don’t manifest something less than ideal. It is possible to correlate to where healing is required, understand the message the body is trying to convey and determine where the ‘problem’ or ‘issue’ actually resides within the body and in your life. By flowing Divine Light through the body, the area where the energy is stuck can be released easily once the message is fully understood. The body has the ability to heal any thing within itself and many are starting to become aware of its true power. For more about Divine Light Healing, please click here.